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wONDERFULcup written by sw1ruz, 2010-01-24 12:59 CET (0 comments)

3on3 Cup - 20:30 CET, 24th Sunday
16/32 teams

■ Timetable
20:30 CET - 1st Bracket Match - Mappool
21:00 CET - 2nd Bracket Match - Mappool
21:30 CET - 3rd Bracket Match - Mappool
22:00 CET - 4th Round Final Match - Mappool (ETTV)

■ Mappool

■ Rules
▪ Global 3on3 rules and global3 Config (nopb allowed too).
▪ 2 Maps by Mappool when needed cointoss winner decides the 3rd Map.
▪ Banned players (CB & ESL) are not allowed.
▪ ET PB GUID have to be addet.
▪ Guids must be older than 30 days.
▪ All players have to record demos.
▪ Each player have to be addet in Team.
▪ Team with less than 3 Players wont be addet to Cup.
▪ Teams need to have checked in 15 minutes before the cup starts.
▪ Not checking in in time may result in your team beeing replaced.
▪ One player from each team must idle in #wonderful-et for having contact with admins and opponents.
▪ This member must be clearly identifiable!
▪ Send all of your scores as pm to cup-admin, scores that sends in global wont be added.
▪ Results will be updated as soon as we can.

■ Cheatprotection
If u think your enemy is Cheating, pause game and contact an admin at irc. Say the name of the guy who u think to cheat. We'll connect an spec the game. We hope to keep fairness like that!

If you can't follow the rules, don't sign in!
Play fair and have fun!
IRC Channel: #wonderful-et

■ Admins
iCb (#wonderful-et)
sNt (#wonderful-et)

We wish you Good Luck & Have Fun

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